In the beginning…

This is my blog as a public school educator and a public school mom.

I’ve worked in public education for a long time.  I was a teacher before I became an administrator.

I have three kids.  My two oldest started their formal education this past year.  We initially attended a private school.

When we were in private school, I had an identity crisis.  I felt pampered. It was luxurious.  The PTO was a well organized fundraising machine.  The academic council was made up of professionals whose names went on buildings and companies.  The kids had field trips, parties, iPads, PE, Music, Art, Robotics all packaged in school.  The alumnus all went to fancy four year schools. But, I also felt guilty.  It seemed so wrong to indulge in private education while my public persona espoused the value of a good public education.

I spent the last year wondering to myself if I was a parent first, or an educator first. The dichotomy between my actions and my beliefs did not sit well with me. In the end, I decided that I could be both. I still want the best for my children, and I still entertain the thought of my kids graduating from places like Harvard or MIT. I figured, as a family, we could have some impact on improving public education if we went to public schools rather than sit on the sidelines bashing the public system.

10 days before the new school year began,  we made the switch to public school. So here I am as a public school educator and public school mom.